Veganism Provides...

* Health
* Chronic illness prevention
* Nutrition
* Compassion & Awareness

Health Info
Diseases caused by a "rich" Western Diet
Systemic diseases:                 Intestinal diseases:                  Cancers:
Allergies                                       Appendicitis                            Breast
Arthritis                                        Colitis                                    Colon
Atherolscerosis                              Constipation                           Kidney
Adult Diabetes                               Diarrhea                                Pancreas
Gout                                             Diverticulosis                         Prostrate
Heart Attack                                  Gall stones                            Testicular
Hormone Imbalance                       Gastritis                                Uterus(Body)
Hypertension                                 Hemorrhoids                         
Kidney Failure                               Hiatus Hernia       
Multiple Sclerosis                           Indigestion   
Obesity                                          Malabsorption  
Osteoporosis                                  Polyps  
Strokes                                          Ulcers                             
World Health Organization
Dietary Recommendations
Carbohydrate: 55-75% of Energy
Protein: 10-15%
Total Fat: 15-30%
Saturated Fatty acids: <10% of energy
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 6-10%
Omega-6: 5-8%
Omega-3: 1-2 %
Trans fatty acids: <1% of energy
Monounsaturated fatty acids: calculated by difference
Evelyn's Story...
Hi, my name is Evelyn and I was diagnosed with Multiple
Sclerosis(MS). MS is a chronic illness in which my own immune
system is "attacking" my myelin sheath (the covering of nerves).  
There is an imbalance in my body/nervous system that is
directly connected to my stress.  
Having been a vegetarian and now a vegan, I am able to follow a
healthy lifestyle that has a direct impact on my stress level and
MS recovery. I include yoga,  meditation and mindfulness in my
life as well. Living a  vegan lifestyle is a major part of my healing
puzzle. Veganism invokes a sense of respect and
acknowledgement of Earth and ALL Earthlings.
I stopped my medical "treatment" and have focused on healing
myself the natural way, through eating healthy and
stress-controlled living.  I learn more and more each day about
being Vegan & about the spiritual, economic, political and
cultural links.   Everything is connected. Truly healing and being
healthy is my goal!
Check out these great books!
"The Vegan Source Book" by Joanne Stepaniak, M.S. ED

"Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Diet"
by Eric Schlosser

"The Vegan Diet As Chronic Disease Prevention: Evidence Supporting the
New Four Food Groups" by Kerrie K. Sanders

"Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health,
Happiness, and the Future of Life on Earth" by John Robbins
"May All be Fed" by John Robbins

"Conscious Eating" by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
Animal Rights
*Veganism is the most
compassionate choice for
humans & animals.
In Defense of Animals
In Defense of Animals is a national
animal advocacy organization dedicated
to ending the institutionalized
exploitation and abuse of animals by
defending their rights, welfare and
* Vegans promote farm
* Vegans are against
vivisection (unnecessary
inhumane testing on animals).
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Benefits of Veganism