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Kenneth's involvement with In Defense of Animals(IDA) as their
new spokesperson is very exciting. Kenneth and his wife Evelyn
promote and  are involved in animal rights issues. The filming of
public service announcements, helping IDA spread the message and
information on animal rights and facing  current challenges to the
welfare of all animals are Kenneth's priorities.
Being interviewed by health/nutrtition and vegan magazines is merely
the beginning. Being not only spokesman for an amazing
organization(IDA, Kenneth is now
IDA's Vegan Coordinator. He
is also the host of Undercover TV that reveals atrocities behind
factory farming to the public. As written by an IDA member,
"Veganism saves animals from the horrors of the slaughterhouse,
reduces pollution from factory farms..." and many more things.
Kenneth gives animals a voice especially now that he  helps
coordinate the upcoming  "World Go Vegan Days" this October
30-November 1.  Find out more about animal rights and this current
event at
Through Vegan Bodybuilding and competitions, Kenneth is spreading
the word by mentioning, "You do not need muscle enhancers and
drugs or animal flesh for muscle growth". Basically, all you need is a
balanced diet that minimizes or ends the need to kill fellow animal
Working with Bob Linden on "Go Vegan Radio SF" provides
Kenneth another opportunity to help spread the word and enlighten
Kenneth is...

I.D.A's Spokesperson for animal rights
* Host of
"Under Cover TV" (exposing the truth behind
factory farms).
* Involved with
C.H.O.I.C.E (Citizens for Healthy
Options In Children's Education). Find out more at
* Co-Host for "Go Vegan Radio San Francisco"

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