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This can provide a good aerobic workout while putting less strain on the joints than running. It's especially good if you're

overweight since it takes your weight. By strengthening muscles in the hips and legs, the exercycle also bolsters support

for the spine, making for a more healthy back. Most models work only the lower body, but some have pumping handlebars

that provide a workout to arms and shoulders.

Recumbent models allow you to sit back, with your feet in front of you, putting less strain on the back, neck and shoulders.

They're also better fat burners because their relationship with gravity makes you work harder.

When You Buy

Avoid models that are wobbly, noisy or hard to pedal. Look for solid construction and smooth pedalling motion

Foldable models may be space-savers, but could also be flimsy.

The handlebars should be adjustable to your height.

Inverted handlebars (similar to those on racing bikes), can force you into an uncomfortable and vulnerable forward-bending position.

The workload should be easy to adjust.

When You Use

To get the most exercise benefit, always set your seat to the proper height. Too high, and you'll strain your hips and knees beyond their

normal range of motion. Too low and the knees can't fully unbend, leaving them stressed and leaving you hobbling after long rides.

When the pedal is at its lowest point, your leg should be almost, but not completely, straight.

Also, don't set the resistance too high; it could impact your knees adversely.

On the other hand, the pedals should offer enough resistance to give leg and hip muscles a sufficient workout.

If you lean forward to make it look like you're racing, you'll burn less fat.


Weight Loss

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