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Curiously, salt is almost as strong a drug as sugar, because it is such an intense stimulant. Despite its reputation as a flavor enhancer,

salt doesn't really make food taste any better. It merely perks up your tongue and assaults your taste buds in a unique way. Once you have

been off salt for a while, you will discover a new realm of tastes that had to some extent been masked by the salt.

One reason it's so tough to limit your salt intake is that salt is as pervasive in our food as freckles on a redhead's nose or sand in a desert.

Incredibly, only about a third of the salt eaten by the average person is added during cooking or at the table. In its various forms, sodium is

used as a curing agent to process food, as a preservative, as a flavor enhancer, and as a leavening agent.

Some foods, like pickles and sauerkraut, are obviously loaded with salt. But did you realize that large amounts of sodium often saturate

soups, cheese, canned goods, breads, tuna and most fish, tomato juice, catsup, frozen dinners, even breakfast cereals, ice

cream and cake,

and, unfortunately, the sacred diet sodas? Some club sodas and some mineral waters are high in salt content, but if you must

drink a mineral water, at least choose one with a minimal amount of sodium, such as Evian, Poland Springs, or Perrier. The list,

grettably, is inexhaustible. Food manufacturers are not required to include sodium content on food labels, so even the

suspecting sodium-wise eater can be fooled.

If the average person, with ten pounds to lose, gave up salt, within two months he or she would probably lose those ten pounds and never gain

them back.

Not everyone is a bloater; not everyone has a salt sensitivity. You will have to discover such things for yourself, learn what's true for you.

That is, if you don't already know. When you integrate salt back into your diet, you will experience its effect and then decide whether or not

it has a place in your life.

I'm sure you'll find it's worth cutting salt out wherever and whenever you can. After all, don't you want to make every bite count?


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