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OKG is a muscle-building nutritional supplement that has caught the attention of athletes over the past few years because of its anabolic and anticatabolic effects.

Ornithine stimulates the release of growth hormone (its anabolic effect), and alpha-ketoglutarate prevents protein breakdown (its anticatabolic effect).

The novel combination of these two nutrients seems to accomplish more than when each is administered alone.

The body can also convert OKG into BCAAs and BCKAs, as well as into glutamine and glutamate (both help detoxify the ammonia produced from protein metabolism).

OKG can also promote the release of two anabolic hormones, insulin and growth hormone. Recent clinical trials have shown that OKG helps increase muscle tissue

in people who are recovering from burns and injuries.

Glutamate is the precursor to glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. Glutamine has an anabolic effect on muscle and can increase

glycogen (the storage form of carbohydrate energy in the liver). Glutamate is also involved in the conversion of BCAAs to BCKAs.

Finally, OKG can remove ammonia created during the breakdown of muscle proteins. It can thus serve as an ammonia receptacle, minimizing muscular fatigue during and after exercise.

One recent study involving bodybuilders revealed that supplemental ornithine increased serum growth hormone levels up to 400 percent. OKG also enhances the release of insulin in

healthy people, as well as in those with catabolic conditions, ornithine alone does not promote the release of insulin; keto-isocaproate, the BCKA made from leucine, is probably the actual stimulus for the

release of insulin.


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