Our Company is dedicated to empowering people
interested in leading a Holistically nourishing and healthy
lifestyle. Our Holistic approach to fitness is unique in a
sense that we look  at what you eat, how you eat it, and
when you eat it. We look at how you exercise, what you
exercise and when you exercise.

Our company is based on key points and

* Our aim is to bring health and fitness into your life
* We put Gaia/nature and all beings first
*  We offer ideas and suggestions for strengthening  
mind, body and spirit

Athlete: Kenneth "Gogen" Williams

Name: Kenneth G. Williams
Height: 5'11"
Occupation(s):  professional Vegan
Body Builder, Personal trainer, Financial
Advisor, spokesman and Vegan campaign
coordinator for In Defense of Animals
(IDA)and model.
Interests: Bodybuilding, reading, and
spending time with his wife, Evelyn.
Goals:  World's best Vegan Bodybuilder
and Spokesperson for all beings,
Earthlings. Continue promoting holistic
healthy living,eating and defense of
Training: Preparing for the next
"Natural Olympia"  2007

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Kenneth's Diet
Lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts,
tofu and much more.
Supplements include Health
Force's Spirulina and Vitamineral
Height: 5'2''
Occupation: Studying nutrition
and a  Holistic Health Studies
Goals: Obtain Master's in
Holistic Health Education at John
F. Kennedy. Continue promoting
healthy living and working
towards a better world.
Long-term Goals: Help found a
Holistic Fitness Center along with
husband, Kenneth.


An Innovative look at Health,  Fitness,
and the World...
Our goal is to reach anyone who cares about themselves
and the state of the world. What we eat is crucial to our
over-all quality of life. Our company focuses on diet as
well as exercise.
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